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Etching from Thomas Violet, 'A True Narrative of som Remarkable Proceedings Concerning the Ships Sampson, Salvador, and George' (1650s). Source: British Library: (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) licence

HCA 13/69 is a volume of witness statements or depositions submitted in the English High Court of Admiralty in the year 1654 from a series of English High Court of Admiralty Deposition Books. The original manuscripts are held at the National Archives, Kew, England. HCA 13/69 has no foliation markings.

The MarineLives project team has imaged the back end of the volume in July 2015, relating to the cases of the Three Silver Ships (the Salvador and Saint George of Hamburg, and the Sampson of Lubeck). This backend contains 15 quartos, each of thirty-two pages, of depositions made in the Silver Ship cases. We will be publishing the images over the course of the next few weeks, quarto by quarto. We will eventually image and publish the entire volume.

The foliation is artificial and has been introduced by the MarineLives project team. We are starting each Quarto at f.1r.

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To learn more about the three ships see our Silver Ships wiki page.

Contact us to get a Username and Password to help us transcribe these depositions.

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