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Editorial history

05/01/13: CSG, created page

Purpose of page

The MarineLives project is seeking to link and enhance HCA 13/71, not just to transcribe it.

The port of Dover features in a number of HCA 13/71 cases and depositions.

All associates, facilitators, advisors and PhD Forum members are encouraged to contribute to this page from their knowledge of the material, and from their broader knowledge and interest in the topic.

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- HCA 13/71 f.XXXX Case: XXXX; Deposition: XXXX; Date: XXXX. Transcribed by XXXX[1]

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Mentions of Dover in HCA 13/71

Caleb Burton was a thirty-four year old Dover merchant

  • "4. next following the said moneth of September 1653; to all which

5. premisses, this deponent was privie and specially acquainted and
6. tooke notice thereof, living in dover and frequently consorting with
7. the said Lanson and Bowles.
8. Caleb Burton SIGNATURE, RH SIDE"

- HCA 13/71 f.336r Case: Affidavit made touching the shipp the hopegood henry Shoreward Master bound on a voyage from Barbados to Hamborough; Deposition: 2. Caleb Burton of dover Merchant aged 34 yeares; Date: 23/08/1656. Transcribed by Colin Greenstreet.[2]

William Rubois of dover Mariner late purser of the Galliote the Black dogg, aged 43 yeares

HCA 13/71 f.14v Case: Goodwin and Company against the goods and the St John, Derrick Ryan Master and against da Souza and others ("Examined upon an allegation given in behalfe of the said Goodwin 24 Octob: 1655"); Deposition: 1. William Rubois of dover Mariner late purser of the Galliote the Black dogg, aged 43 yeares; Date: 04/03/1655. Transcriber: Not yet transcribed

Thomas de la val of dover Merchant aged 36 yeeres

HCA 13/71 f.244r Case: On the behalfe of Adrian van Roade of saint Omars touching a losse in the Julian of London Richard Brian Commander; Deposition: 1. Thomas de la val of dover Merchant aged 36 yeeres (Signature of "Thomas de Lavall" at end of deposition); Date: 13/06/1656; Trancriber: Alex Jackson

The ship the Justice of Dover

HCA 13/71 f.398r Case: A businesse of exámination of witnesses XX XX perpetuam XXn memoriam touching the seizure of the shipp the Justice of Dover ˹and goods in the same˺ promoted XXXXX XXXde and others against Monsieur de la Roze and all others etcetera; Deposition: 1. John ffishbell of Limehouse in the County of Middlesex Mariner, aged 45 yeeres; Date: 04/11/1656. Transcriber: Colin Greenstreet

Warren Hugeson of Dover, Mariner, aged 39 yeares

HCA 13/71 f.453v Case: Tatnell against ?Mealn; Deposition: 1. Warren Hugeson of Dover, Mariner, aged 39 yeares; Date: 11/12/1656. Transcription: Colin Greenstreet

Arnold Beake of London Merchant aged 48 yeeres, Elias Beake of London aforesaid Merchant aged 41 yeeres, Christian=Pant Santen of London Merchant aged 40 yeeres, John Dolins of London, Merchant, aged 44 yeeres, and Michael De Haze of dover Merchant aged 56 yeeres

HCA 13/71 625v Case: XXX; Deposition: XXXX; Date: 19/94/1657. Transcriber: Not yet transcribed

Mentions of Dover in other HCA volumes, 1650-1669

  1. Electronic link to a digital source
  2. HCA 13/71 f.336r