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Texiles, garments & dyestuffs glossary sub-group

Today's featured new glossary entry

Issues for discussion

  • What specialist knowledge and skills do we have amongst members of this sub-group related to textiles, garments and dyestuffs?
  • Are there particular topics individuals wish to focus on?
  • How shall we allocate work on a weekly or bi-weekly basis?
  • Should we form an editorial group?
  • Should we establish some editorial standards?
  • How should we establish new manuscript sources for the period 1627-1677, related to the themes of the glossary, and ideally to MarineLives, which we can image and transcribe as new sources for the glossary?

Sub-group membership

Freyalynn Close-Hainsworth
Nicola Clarke
Dr Susan Mee

Existing glossary contributors

Dr Kimberly Alexander, Dr Aaron Allen, Dr Carolyn Arena, Cynthia Chin, Freyalynn Close-Hainsworth, Eglantine, Dr Karwan Fatah-Black, Helen Good, Colin Greenstreet, Tracey E Griffiths, Viveka Hansen, Heather Knight, Dr Marcin Krygier, M.L. Logue, the pseudonymous Mapnut, Dr Angela McShane, Angela Middleton, Frances Owen, Tim Parry-Williams, Dr Michael Pearce, Dr Sophie Pitman, Dr Jo Pugh, Dr Deborah Sherlock, Dr Stephen Snelders, Dr Samantha Thompson, Rebecca Unsworth