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Our new group

Two of our seven latest MarineLives volunteers, starting in January 2018. Planned activities include working on the Textiles, Garments & Dyestuffs glossary, transcribing textiles & dyeing inventories, and generally improving C17th manuscript transcription skills, with plenty more potential activities available.

Our new group starting in January 2018 will follow our usual format, with a team of volunteers working at times to suit each volunteer, with no minimum time requirement. They will be supported by Colin Greenstreet, acting as team facilitator.

We will work remotely, and no physical meeting will be necessary. Indeed, at least one of our new volunteers will be based in the US and another is in Canada, and we have had past volunteers from the US, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Germany as well as England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. We will coordinate volunteers with a bi-weekly Skype call, at a time suiting the volunteers. The facilitator will also be available at any time by Skype, phone or email, to help with palaeographical or other queries, including editorial questions.

The new group will be run in parallel with an existing one, which started in early December 2017. This first group consists of history students at Warwick university, and includes two students with strong interests in material history, and one student with specific interests in textiles. The group consists of seven Warwick University historians (second and third year undergraduates, but also one graduate, which Colin Greenstreet is co-facilitating with Dr Benjamin Redding, a Warwick historian and C16th/C17th naval specialist. January 2018 volunteers will be able to use any or all or the material we have developed for Warwick, including introductory material, palaeographical training, glossaries etc.

Confirmed participants

Etching from Thomas Violet, 'A True Narrative of som Remarkable Proceedings Concerning the Ships Sampson, Salvador, and George' (1650s). Source: British Library: (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) licence

Range of activities for volunteers

Click here for more information on volunteering with MarineLives

We have a wide range of potential activities for volunteers, including:

We are keen for some exchanges between the Warwick students and the new group on Skype. We hope this will be interesting and beneficial for both groups.

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