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|Status=Requires image; transcribed on 02/08/2013
|Status=Uploaded image; transcribed on 02/08/2013
|First transcriber=Colin Greenstreet
|First transcriber=Colin Greenstreet
|First transcribed=2013/08/02
|First transcribed=2013/08/02
|Note=IMAGE: IMG_115_06_9598.jpg
|Transcription image={{#transcription-image: P1110111}}
|Transcription image={{#transcription-image: IMG_115_06_9598.jpg}}
|Transcription=to Venice and there to be delivered unto Don Augustin de ffonseca
|Transcription=to Venice and there to be delivered unto Don Augustin de ffonseca
for the use and Accompt of the producent, and the proceed thereof to
for the use and Accompt of the producent, and the proceed thereof to

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HCA 13/68 f.22v: Right click on image for full size image in separate window


to Venice and there to be delivered unto Don Augustin de ffonseca
for the use and Accompt of the producent, and the proceed thereof to
be imployed in the service and upon the Occasion of his sayd Catholique
Majesty in Italy and fflanders, the premisses this deponent knoweth to be
true for that hee is under paymaster Generall of the King of Spaines
Army in fflanders, he did about ffebruary last past 1652, receyve
letters of Advise from the Correspondents of the Producents living
att Madrid wherein they did certify this deponent that the fowrsayd
wools of the respective markes aforesayd were about the tyme aforesays
laden att Alicant in the sayd shipp Saint Augustin to be transported to Venice
and there to be delivered for the use and Accompt and for the service
aforesayd, And this deponent having had for many yeares past
constant correspondence with the sayd Assentista, the producent knoweth,
that he the sayd producent doth usually cause his wools to be marked
with th respective markes afore sett forth. And otherwise he cannot depose.

To the fourth article of the sayd allegation This deponent saith that he hath credibly
heard and verily beleiveth it to be true, that the sayd shipp the Saint Augustin
after lading of the sayd woolls did sett sayle therewith towards Venice
and in her course thither was together with the sayd wools then on
board her seized by force of the shipps of this Commonwealth under
the Command of Captaine Badily, and that by reason of the sayd seizure
the wools aforesayd came into the hands and possession of the sayd
Captaine Badily. And otherwise cannot depose.

To the fifth and sixth Articles of the sayd allon This deponent saith
that the sayd 120 sackes of wools were really laden and provided for the
Accompt aforesayd and the proceed thereof were to have bene really
employed for and in the Affaires of his Catholiq Majesty. And this
deponent himselfe about July last past did deliver to the Spanish
Ambassador here Resident a Letter from his sayd Majesty touching the
foresayd woolls and the seeking after restitution thereof. And saith
that albeit the sayd wools in the bills of lading for the same found
aboard the sayd shipp be ontrue (sic) for the Accompt of Augustine da ffonseca
of venice, yet the same was and is done onely to secure the same from
the ffrench, and saith It is usuall for the sayd producent so to secure
his wools which this deponent knoweth by the correspondence hee holds
with the sayd producent and the sayd Augustine da ffonseca with both
of whom he hath familiar Acquaintance. And otherwise he cannot
depose saving that noe dutchman subiect of the State of the united
Provinces of ffrenchman subiect of the ffrench King had or hath any
right title or Interest in the same or any part thereof.

To the seventh Article of the sayd allegation This deponent daith that the sayd
Sebastian da Cortizo was and is a Spaniard borne and lives in Madrid
where he was borne and hath in habited for theis 20 yeares last and
indeed all his tyme. and was and is a subiect of the King of Spaine
and so accounted. And saith the sayd Augustin da ffonseca is likewise
by birth a Spaniard but by habitacon of Venice where he hath lived
for about .16. yeares now past, and was and is a subiect of the State
of Venice and so accounted, all which this deponent well knoweth by his
acquaintance & Correspondencyes with both the sayd paties. And otherwise
he cannot depose.